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Wicked Sirens by ShadeyBabey Wicked Sirens by ShadeyBabey
:heartbreaker:I will have to "Spank" you if you favorite this piece and not the original...

Use of a public domain image from [link]
Sir Edward John Poynter — Cave of the Storm Nymphs
I ask that you view the original art work :lmao: and favorite IT not mine.
Public Domain has come under fire as is apparent ~ What gives us the right as Artist? We constantly label our work with DO not use without my permission. So... is it our work if we manipulate someone elses art? ( In doing so it does bring alot of the work of old artist back into the light ) But also the "recycling" ~ causes repetitive works of art on dA.

I would say its ok as long as the manipulation is NOT directly noticeable as the original artist work ~ pertaining to things found in Public Domain ~ Im not saying go out and copy ppls work.

Even tho I worked on this and changed alot I dont personally feel ~ it was changed enuf to call it my work. Perhaps if I had used new stock models or gone in and repainted more or just basically used the original as "inspiration". Guess Im more or less curious where does one draw the line?

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March 21, 2010
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